Getting started

Welcome to
The Portfolio Tracker on Cardano Network!
What do we propose to do?
Speaking of the crypto world, all your data and transactions are available for consultation on the blockchain, everything is there in a transparent and verifiable way. However, most of the times this query is very technical, non-developers have a certain difficulty in understanding that data full of hash and codes.
By analyzing the blockchain and cross-referencing the data, we want to make this data available to users in a layman and very intuitive way.
Why you need a portfolio tracker?
Firstly for security reasons, because we do not connect to your real wallet at any time, there is no danger, your wallet is safe with your security policy. All data presented is available on the blockchain and can be seen by anyone, anywhere/environment and anytime.
Secondly, to have better clarity of your actions in the crypto world, being able to visualize in a simple way all your assets and their performance over time.
Who we are?
We are a small team of developers passionate about technology and crypto assets. We want to develop solutions to facilitate the understanding of the network and thus enable mass adoption.
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