A little more about our backend infrastructure.
In this area we will present a little more about our current backend structure. Remembering that we can modify as the network grows. Most of the data comes from the cardano blockchain, but the data that is not on the blockchain we use some offchain repositories and partner apis. And to have a fast and scalable system we use a lot of caching.
This is a preview of how the framework is being developed
We have 2 instances of cardano-node, running independently, and each using cardano-db-sync to update your own postgres database with onchain data.
A series of apis endpoints are being developed to get the data directly from postgres, process it and deliver the information in a more friendly way All programming is being done in the golang language and we use some libraries to facilitate data handling with cardano-cli like pab-go
Other data sources and tools MuesliSwap Excellent api to capture platform prices and volume Coingecko Api that provides the value of ada in different currencies Other cardano blockchain query source Api for information about NFT floorprice GitHub repositories We are working with several off-chain data repositories, as listed in the token and nft registry tab
Vending Machine by SEAL Pool We will be using this excellent tool to distribute tokens for PINT holders community