Partner Stakepools

Starting in April / 2022, we will be releasing access to our platform for holders of some stakepools, completely free of charge.
For these users, it will not be necessary to have PINTs in their wallet to view, just delegate their ada to the active partner stakepools.
You can see which pools are active via the link:
Our idea is to gradually provide access to some beta tester communities to use, give feedback while we improve and scale our tool.
Also with this partnership we have the chance to present the tool to a larger group of users.
But this will be for a limited time.
During phase 1, we periodically add new stakepools to our partner structure up to a limit of 15. Following the standards for Cardano ecosystem with true decentralization we will only be accepting partnerships with single stake pools that have registered on our form.
When we implement the governance module, after that, periodically the community that owns PINTs will be able to vote which stakepools can have this benefit, and if there will be any changes in the listing. Occasionally we will also have a vote to see if this limit of partner skatepools can be increased or decreased, or any specific rule changes.